For parents

What is a student association?​

A student association is a place where students come together to socialize, enjoy a drink together and make friends for life. It is an associations that is solely for students and run by students. The board and committees are only made up of members from different years. This way you come into contact with members from different age groups and study programs.

M.S.V. Tragos

The Maastrichtse Studentenvereniging Tragos is the biggest and most traditional student association in Maastricht. We have been situated in Fort Koning Willem I since 1994, a historic fort which was built in the 18th Century. With more than 400 active members, Tragos is an irreplaceable and unforgettable part of the student life in Maastricht.

Your studies

The amount of pressure on students the last few years has increased exponentially. We understand that it is difficult to combine studying with having an active and fun student life. Tragos members are known for being extremely ambitious, who find it important to be able to develop themselves next to their studies. As a result, Tragos creates a network whereby her members come into contact with a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and opportunities to develop themselves. Due to the fact that everyone Tragos does a different study program and has been studying for different periods of time, Tragos offers her members support during every phase of their study program. Older years are able to advise and help the younger years in how they can approach the studying of different courses. This is something that is not available via a simple friendship group. Tragos ensures that the times leading up to exams are less busy, we find it extremely important to stimulate our members to study and pass their exams! If there are members that wish to kick back and take a break after studing, we can offer them a delicious 0% alcohol beer if they feel like it! Next to all this, Tragos organizes an yearly career event with the two other student associations in Maastricht, allowing our members the chance to come into contact with interesting speakers and offer them the ability to expand their professional network.

Tragos Houses

Tragos has more than 25 student houses in the inner city of Maastricht. These houses are an important aspect of our association since rooms become available for first years year in year out, allowing for a steady availability of rooms each year. Housemates naturally have a close bond with one another, they cook together, host dinner parties, movie nights and stimulate one another to study. 


The only obligation to become a member of Tragos is to complete the hazing. The hazing ensures your son/daughter is taught what the traditions of the association are, and to get to know their peers within their year. Once a member, your son/daughter can decide for themselves which activities they wish to take part in, and how often they come to the association. Naturally we stimulate our members to become active members, but it is not a necessity.

Within the association we have 9 sororities (female) and 7 fraternities (male). A sorority/fraternity is a special group of students within the association with their own name, traditions and clothing/colours. If your son/daughter decides to become a member of a fraternity or sorority, it means there will be more obligations since they attend more events throughout the year. However, becoming a member of a sorority or fraternity is not obligatory.


When your son/daughter is a member of MSV Tragos, he/she must pay a standard membership fee each year. The members allows for free entry to all Tragos parties and the yearbox is also included within the fee. Apart from this, the costs depend on how often your son/daughter is at the association. Being part of an fraternity/sorority means there will be extra costs next to the yearly membership fee. Luckily, the price of consumption of beer/fizzy drinks/food at the association are tailored to a student budget!

Becoming a member

Due to the Coronavirus, the normal INKOM (introduction week) cannot continue in its usual form. To ensure that your son/daughter makes the most out of their student life, it is possible to register online to become a member. You can find this on our website by the ‘WORD LID’ section.